Ugadi: A Celebration of Life!

Towards the end of winter this year I found myself in Vizag on official work. My colleague Aadithya, knowing that I would be missing Gudi Padwa festivities back home and of my keen interest in studying different cultures and traditions, invited me over to his home for Ugadi celebrations. I went calling a day prior and found myself being ushered into a large living room abuzz with life, all his family members busy with preparations for the festival. There was a heap of marigol

Holi re Holi, Purnachi Poli!

As the State Transport bus coughed and clattered into Ratnagiri Bus Stand most of the passengers rushed to get off, eager to freshen up and indulge in some refreshments before the bus set off again on a laboured journey to its next destination. While many made a beeline for the stalls serving sweet milky tea, a few – mostly youngsters – ambled up to the ubiquitous jingling machine pressing fresh juice from sugarcane. The last to get off the bus with a rucksack slung over one