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Food Studios: The Perfect Food Prop Stop

Importance of Prop Styling

Food styling is an art that speaks to the viewers and delivers the mood that is to be perceived. Presentation, just like a fashion show, requires styling and props. The showstopper won’t walk down the ramp bare foot. Even if your food is perfectly garnished and plated up in a chic way, throwing in a prop can make the food look appealing and provide an edge to the authenticity of the dish.

The quality of your photography is primary, effective food styling next, and propping, third. The magic happens when all three work together seamlessly.

So, how do you decide which props?

Some instances of props that are suitable for different dishes are mentioned below:-

  • Using dark dishes for serving white meat like fish is ideal because the contrasting colours solicit a sea-food lover's attention. Like in the following image, the charred prawns and vegetables look subtle yet bright when paired with the dark table and cutlery. 

  • A cooling rack on the table with cookies on it and a jar waiting to be filled by the cookies can send someone back to the time they baked with their Grandma.

  • A glass of champagne or wine, a candle, a folded napkin with cutlery, a vase with fresh flowers, antique or fairy lights can all provide sophistication to the image.

  • Let a freshly baked bread be accompanied with a jar filled with olive oil or a large bread knife to entice your audience with the yeasty aroma they smelled in the bakery this morning.

Props add a different angle to the dish that brings it alive. It’s imperative thus to consider aspects like colors, seasons, time of the day and ingredients used.

What not to do?

Avoid using too many props as you don’t want the focus to be on objects instead of the food. But just a dish neither unravels a story, nor does it create a ‘personality on a plate’ that will linger in the minds of people for long.

Get in touch

I’m sure you’re wondering why buy so many expensive props, if you won’t use them as often. Well, though props are a good investment, hiring them is far less expensive and practical too. Nitin Tandon Food Studios provides you with not just a wide range of props, but also their studio. You can rent both and they have a team of food stylists on board to make your food look spectacular. 

Feel free to get in touch with our team on +91 9819847402, 

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